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You will find hundreds of frames styles when you go shopping at Forever Glasses. To help narrow down the selection of glasses, you should consider styles that best suit the shape of your face.

Face Shapes

When searching for designer eyeglasses by Oakley, it will help to consider your face shape, which will be one of four basic shapes:

  • Round – This face type is circular and the width and length of the face are almost equal.
  • Heart – People with heart-shaped faces have broader foreheads with a narrower chin and jawline.
  • Oval – An oval-shaped face has a chin that is only slightly narrower than the forehead.
  • Square – The features of a square face, such as the jaw and cheeks, have well-defined angles.

After determining the shape of your face, you can search for men’s or women’s eyeglasses by Wilson Optical best suited for that shape at Forever Glasses.

Frames for Face Shapes

Wherever you shop for eyeglasses by One, the optician should be able to help you select a pair to best fit your face using these same guidelines.

Round Faces

The best eyeglasses by Oakley for people with round faces will be narrow with an angular shape to lengthen the face. They should have a clear bridge and a wider frame.

Heart Faces

Frames wider at the bottom than the top will help make a wider forehead look narrower. Eyeglasses by Wilson Optical or light-colored eyeglasses by One will both be good choices.

Oval Faces

Eyeglasses by Oakley that are as wide, if not wider, than the face or walnut-shaped frames are best suited for this face type.

Square Face

Narrow frame styles or narrow oval eyeglasses by Oakley will help soften the angles for people with square faces.

You can use these guidelines at Forever Glasses to buy sunglasses, too.

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